ClassHero will help you change difficulty levels with each assigned skill and suggest pre-requisite skill assignments.  Challenge kids that are advancing quickly while providing support to those in need of extra help. ClassHero keeps teachers in full control.
ClassHero's visual dashboard highlights progress and recommendations for each student and it takes just 1-click to update assignments for each child. Stay on top of each student's performance, quickly and easily.  Update assignments for an entire class in just minutes.
The ClassHero app is fun, encouraging students to complete their assignment goals even if it means spending a little extra time to do so. Each child sees only those assignments personalized to their individual needs.
ClassHero's unique approach of rewarding students with real badges provides a strong motivational element that actually has children wanting to do their math assignments. Kids start off by picking a ClassHero Badge of their choice to earn (or they pick from other rewards that teachers can set up) - and then work towards them with each day of practice! Each ClassHero Badge showcases a scientist or mathematician that has made a difference to our lives! "Collect them all, kids!"
Hiperware benchmark studies have shown ClassHero increases the amount of time students willingly devote to completing an assignment by an average of 20% and for reluctant learners, those previously in the bottom quarter of the class in terms of productive practice times, this increase was over 50%! ClassHero is the only app that emphasizes engagement as a necessary: Badges actually do wonders!
A free trial of the ClassHero app is available now for your class. This full function version of the app gives you and your students a chance to find out just how fun and exciting doing math homework can be. You'll be able to quickly designate assignments, track progress, view recommendations and personalize each student's path to success.
Curriculum: 500+ question types with levels for pre-K to Grade 4. Full support for Common Core and state curriculum standards. Device Compatibility: Web browsers, Chromebook, iPads and Android tablets and Amazon Kindle. Data Privacy: Full COPPA compliance and FERPA compliance. ClassHero maintains unique teacher profiles so it is not necessary to login and logout for each class. Customer Support: More than just the traditional technical support we provide online access to teachers and coaches to help you manage assignment tactics and strategies.

Step #1: Teacher Registration

Sign up for ClassHero now! You don't need to wait for the start of a new semester. Register now and you'll be eligible to start your free trial immediately so you can see the benefits of ClassHero to you and your students first hand.

Step #2: Download the ClassHero app for kids:

ClassHero works on iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks. ClassHero is also available via a web browser on school laptops or desktops.