Math Isn’t Boring, Maybe Your Math Software Is.

ClassHero gives teachers superpowers: x-ray vision to see differentiated needs, super strength capable of lifting an entire class’s assessment scores and teaching tools that transform educators into heroes.

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Loved by Students

No more mind-numbing math drills. Fun activities and a unique rewards system keep kids coming back for more.

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Built for Teachers

Easily direct and tweak assignments based on individual performance. Adapt your curriculum to your students.

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Insights for Schools

Make the numbers work for you. Get valuable insights on a student, classroom, school, and district level.

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Traditional Teaching

The traditional teaching method doesn’t make room for the real potential of tech. Rigid curricula leave some kids behind, fail to challenge others, and won’t highlight a need for intervention until it’s too late.

Teaching with ClassHero

ClassHero is designed to work with you at every step. Personalize your own curriculum, promote daily practice, assess, and repeat. Teachers and students get what they need at the right time.

Cultivate Focused Practice

Other math apps rely on adaptive, but undirected, practice. ClassHero uses differentiated, teacher-directed assignments for focused practice..

Level Up Performance

A 2017 independent study conducted by the SW WA STEM Network showed “at a 90% confidence level, students who participated in the pilot had greater academic gains in math than students who did not.”

Drive Reluctant Learners

Teachers using ClassHero reported increased confidence and reduced aversion to math subject-matter—both key to overcoming hurdles in learning.

Assessment Integration

The 1st and ONLY math system that uses "Assessment Visualization" to inform daily practice

ClassHero is the first and only product to utilize assessment scores to inform daily practice in the classroom. Leveraging results down to the student level ClassHero not only automatically adjusts individual practice in our Student App, we also "visualize" results for the teacher in our easy to use Teacher Dashboard.

“Engagement went through the roof! My favorite thing is the freedom to have kids working at different skill levels!”

Angie Heath2nd Grade Teacher

Assessment Synced

We've partnered with one of the top assessment products in education to create a deep integration that transforms assessment results into daily practice

Easy Onboarding

Getting your class started can be a hassle to set up, that's why we integrated with Clever for super simple on-boarding

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