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Empowerment Over Intervention

Together, we can fix Tier 1 math.

Classhero's Ideology

We cannot intervene our way out of a Tier 1 problem.

We believe the only way to help students is by enabling teachers with the tools needed to do the impossible: effectively and efficiently teach a diverse classroom of students.

Classhero's difference

Technology cannot replace teachers.

ClassHero doesn't attempt to replace teachers. Instead, it directly supports teachers' daily instruction by allowing for a more cohesive and effective learning experience.

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Classhero for math

K-8 core math resource like no other.

ClassHero is a powerful platform designed to enhance any core math curriculum by providing adaptable practice tasks and real-time monitoring with support for 38 languages. 


ClassHero offers cost-effective solutions for education improvement, delivering enhanced student performance, reduced need for interventions, increased teacher productivity, and savings on supplementary materials.

Flexible, Customizable, & Adaptive

ClassHero offers adaptive support for diverse learners with real-time progress monitoring and adaptive practice tasks, resulting in a more comprehensive and effective learning experience. Our platform is adaptable to the specific needs of each educational setting and works seamlessly with any core curriculum. Our adaptive engine continuously monitors student learning and adjusts instruction in real time, providing students with personalized support and the tools they need to succeed.

Professional Development & Support

ClassHero offers seamless integration and extensive support and training for easy adoption, with a commitment to ongoing support, updates, and responsiveness to ensure effectiveness and meet the evolving needs of all users.
ClassHero for Math
ClassHero exclusively supports math at the moment because we understand the crucial role teachers play in building students' mathematical foundations. This focused approach allows us to refine the platform and support, ensuring that educators are well-equipped to make a lasting impact. As ClassHero perfects our approach with math, we plan to expand to other subjects.
How are ClassHero's question types curated and vetted?

It is crucial to emphasize the rigorous and research-driven methodology employed by ClassHero's pedagogy team. Our question types are meticulously curated, drawing inspiration from highly esteemed curriculums, state test items, and the expert guidance of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Our questions are grounded in a standards-based approach, which boasts a robust body of research supporting its efficacy. Notably, NCTM's brief highlights that while there may be no significant differences between core curriculums, as corroborated by Harvard research, standards-based curriculums tend to foster superior conceptual understanding. This insight is integral to ClassHero's approach.

Utilizing ClassHero, educators have the ability to transform any curriculum into a standards-based one, tailored to suit each student's unique pace and learning level. Furthermore, the briefs accentuate the importance of cultivating both conceptual and procedural fluency to effectively address the learning loss resulting from the pandemic.

Lastly, our Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) model is widely acknowledged as the preeminent item type model for accelerating learning, further solidifying the credibility and excellence of our question types.

How does ClassHero align with curriculum standards?

ClassHero aligns its content with established curriculum standards, utilizing highly rated curriculums, state test items, and recommendations from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to ensure the highest quality of questions and learning materials.

How does ClassHero support differentiated instruction?

ClassHero offers a comprehensive range of resources and tools designed to help educators personalize instruction based on each student's unique learning style, pace, and skill level. With our platform, teachers can choose from a variety of question types and learning resources, as well as utilize progress tracking tools to monitor student performance.

Our approach is based on the concept of deconstructed standards, where we break down complex learning objectives into smaller, more manageable skills. For instance, instead of presenting students with the broad goal of adding and subtracting up to 20, we deconstruct this standard into separate skills, such as adding up to 20 and subtracting up to 20. This enables teachers to provide targeted instruction and support for each individual skill, leading to greater mastery and overall success.

What is the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) model used by ClassHero?

The CRA model is a universally accepted instructional approach that focuses on three stages of learning: concrete, representational, and abstract. This model helps students build a strong foundation in problem-solving and critical thinking, accelerating their learning and ensuring long-term retention.

How is ClassHero different from other educational platforms/Math apps?

ClassHero distinguishes itself  with its unique combination of features, flexibility, and focus on personalized, standards-based instruction. Some key differences are:

  1. Customization: ClassHero enables educators to transform any curriculum into a tailored, standards-based experience for each student's unique pace and learning level. In contrast, others follow pre-set curriculums and learning pathways.

  2. CRA Model: ClassHero employs the widely acknowledged Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) model, supporting students in building strong foundations in problem-solving and critical thinking for accelerated learning and long-term retention.

  3. Holistic Fluency Focus: ClassHero emphasizes the development of both conceptual and procedural fluency, which is critical in addressing learning loss due to the pandemic.

  4. Curriculum Integration: Unlike others, which have specific curriculums and content, ClassHero seamlessly integrates with various curriculums, making it a more adaptable solution for diverse educational needs.

  5. Positive Learning Environment: ClassHero fosters a supportive atmosphere by rewarding students for their time spent practicing and emphasizing growth rather than punishment for incorrect answers. This approach promotes student engagement and builds confidence.

  6. Teacher-Centric Approach: ClassHero prioritizes empowering educators with tools and resources that allow them to take charge of their students' learning, providing customizable instruction and data-driven insights.

By offering these distinct features and maintaining a positive learning environment, ClassHero sets itself apart as a versatile and effective educational platform. The combination of customization, the CRA model, holistic fluency focus, curriculum integration, a supportive atmosphere, and a teacher-centric approach enables ClassHero to cater to the diverse needs of students and educators, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an adaptive and engaging learning experience.

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Case Studies & White Papers.

Explore our collection of case studies and white papers to see the evidence-based impact ClassHero has made on improving education

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Support for Diverse Learners

Uncover ClassHero's dedication to equitable education for all students. Learn about our support for English Learners and Spanish Dual Language Learners, and how our HeroBadges foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity."

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Custom-Built Teacher Guides.

Unlock the full potential of culturally relevant instruction with our custom-built teacher guides, designed to provide engaging math missions tailored to your district and aligned with ClassHero assignments for a dynamic and inclusive learning experience.

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Integrate with Any Math Curriculum 

Explore this instructional guide, which uses the Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum Framework as an example, to discover how ClassHero can integrate with any core math curriculum, whether it's commercially purchased or district developed.

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