Stop the overload.

Stop searching for supplemental materials

Stop language barriers inside the classroom

Stop time-consuming differentiation

Stop grading assignments by hand

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Simplify teaching.



Turn one-size-fits-all worksheets and packets into automatically differentiated skills practice for every student


ELL Support

Add a new layer of accessibility to your curriculum with full Spanish support and narration in over 30 different languages


Your Curriculum

Assign personalized assignments that match exactly what you’re teaching.


Teacher Workflow

Replace supplemental apps with one that leverages your assessment data and integrates with your SIS & gradebook

Classrooms that use ClassHero just 10 minutes a day…


  • Replace worksheets, packets, math apps, games, and supplemental tools
  • Replace manual grading, manual differentiation, and data integration
  • Give all students personalized daily assignments using your curriculum
  • Get instant feedback on where all students are at and what they’re struggling with

“It’s replaced my traditional morning work, and instead, it allows me to assign work to my students that matches our current curriculum. The best part is, it will automatically level each one of my students and give them exactly what they need.”

Carrie TaylorSecond Grade Teacher

“I wish I had discovered ClassHero sooner. It has made my life in the classroom so much easier. It is so easy to differentiate assignments.”

Mrs. Dawn Christopher8th Grade Math

“Classhero has supported my ESL classroom! I have non spanish and non english speakers in my classroom so using ClassHero has provided us with a tool that every student can benefit from.”

Karla ChapaDallas, Texas

ClassHero simplifies equitable teaching.

Instantly differentiate your curriculum for all students

Add Spanish supports and narration 30+ languages

Monitor student progress in real-time

Get daily student and class progress reports by domain

ClassHero for Math

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