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ClassHero 2020

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At ClassHero we’re constantly looking to better the user experience for both teachers and students. Today, we’re releasing a new user interface ‘ClassHero 2020’, focused on improving the teacher dashboard and adding a new superpower: class monitoring.

A New & Improved Flow

Better Navigation

Your teacher dashboard is now organized into 3 main tabs:

  1. Assign – Assigns practice aligned to the curriculum their teaching in class
  2. Adjust & Monitor – Adjusts & Monitors Student progress & behaviors
  3. Reward – Rewards student effort with ClassHero HeroBadges

These tabs describe the updated flow of the new user interface. For the most part, the Assign and Reward tab remain the same while the Adjust & Monitor tab introduces a couple new elements to ClassHero.

Bye bye Inbox

Based on user feedback we found there was a disconnect between the inbox and the teacher dashboard. We have entirely removed this section and have replaced it with the Adjust & Monitor tab. HeroBadges can now be awarded in the **Rewards** tab.

Hello Student Profiles

Student Profiles consolidate a student’s practice history, rewards and personal details all in one place. To access a student’s profile simply click their name from the class roster on the left side of your dashboard.

New Superpower: Adjust & Monitor

The Adjust & Monitor tab introduces two completely new features to ClassHero: Adjustment Cards and Practice Summaries.

Adjustment Cards

Adjustment cards are quick flash cards for teachers that highlight recommended adjustments a teacher needs to make to ​improve student outcomes​.

We recommend that you solve these cards before or after students practice each day.

To start solving the adjustment cards click ‘Start Now.’ You will click through each card and make the recommended changes as you feel necessary. Once completed, the cards will disappear until the next time your students practice.

Practice Summaries

Everyday your class practices, ClassHero will generate a practice summary which displays students who are meeting, approaching, and below practice goals. It will also display students who watched an instructional video during their session, as well as those reassigned to a different lesson.

This section is best used as a tool for you to identify students who may need more instruction and those who are ready to move on.

Learning Resources

While we expect the new user interface will be intuitive to navigate, we also want to acknowledge that some may find it difficult. To aid with this change, we are enhancing our resources to make the transition smooth and seamless.

Knowledge Base

We’ve updated our knowledge base to mirror the new user interface changes.

Quickly find solutions to problems you may encounter with a quick search. Results will include articles that address your problems. For example, if you want to learn how to manually add students to your class roster, search “add students” and you’ll see the Adding Students article.


As always, if you are unable to find a solution in the knowledge base or the video series, you can message a ClassHero support member directly by using the chat button in the bottom right of your teacher dashboard.

That’s a Wrap!

As always, thank you for choosing to use ClassHero. We appreciate your continued use and support of our platform as we strive to make your connection with students stronger and easier to achieve. We love hearing feedback and acknowledge that each classroom is unique, so if you have any tips about how to make our system suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


– Josh Iwata, COO