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math curriculum

ClassHero enhances any math curriculum by adding a new layer of supports like differentiated skills-practice, ELL supports, and progress monitoring, all in an easy to use classroom tool.

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ClassHero transforms any mild-mannered math curriculum into a super curriculum

Take your math curriculum to the next level by adding accessibility supports for students and powerful monitoring tools for teachers.

Makes Curriculum


Turn one-size-fits-all worksheets and packets into automatically differentiated skills practice for every student

Makes Curriculum


Add a new layer of accessibility to math curriculum with full Spanish support and narration in over 30 different languages

Makes Curriculum


Real-time progress monitoring and daily progress reports show you exactly where students are at any given moment

Makes Curriculum


Replace supplemental apps with one that leverages your assessment data and integrates with your SIS & gradebook

Give students a new layer of powerful math supports, that fit into the classroom workflow

Take accessibility to the next level with personalized assignments, audio narration in 30+ languages, Khan Academy videos and full Spanish translation all wrapped up in an engaging and easy to use student app.

See how ClassHero makes math learning accessible for students and visible for teachers

Instantly differentiate your curriculum for all students

Add Spanish supports and narration 30+ languages

Monitor student progress in real-time

Get daily student and class progress reports by domain

ClassHero for Math

Clever Library Ratings – Engaging: 4.6 of 5    |   Educational: 4.8 of 5    |   Easy to Use: 4.2 of 5

“I started using educational applications this year. As a beginner distance learning teacher, I have a great time using the app.”

Gloria D.Second Grade Teacher

“My students really love playing class hero. I like how the questions that are asked link so well to what we are learning in class.”

Amy U.Elementary Teacher

“My students have grown significantly thanks to this program. It is one of their free choice items. More often than not they choose Class Hero.”

Chrystal S.Elementary Teacher
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