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ClassHero gives teachers superpowers: x-ray vision to see differentiated needs, super strength capable of lifting an entire class’s assessment scores and teaching tools that transform educators into heroes.

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Fun Activities

Over 250,000 Standards-aligned questions

Real Rewards

Printed collectible cards featuring real-life math heroes


Drive engagement in reluctant learners and overachievers.


Designed to compliment and strengthen your daily classroom curriculum

One-Click Assignments

With the click of the mouse assign lessons to your entire class in order to align practice with daily curriculum, or make adjustments for individual students

Smart Personalization

A robust personalization engine keeps kids engaged, challenging them just the right amount and rewarding their achievement

Traditional Teaching

The traditional teaching method doesn’t make room for the real potential of tech. Rigid curricula leave some kids behind, fail to challenge others, and won’t highlight a need for intervention until it’s too late.

Teaching with ClassHero

ClassHero is designed to work with you at every step. Personalize your own curriculum, promote daily practice, assess, and repeat. Teachers and students get what they need at the right time.

“Engagement went through the roof! My favorite thing is the freedom to have kids working at different skill levels!”

Angie Heath2nd Grade Teacher

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