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Dual Language Math Support

Math Support for Every Day of the Week!

No matter your dual language program's schedule, ClassHero is here to support your classrooms every step of the way.

Spanish Support

Immersive Spanish to English or English to Spanish support, including text, video, voice over narration, and even the teacher dashboard.


ClassHero's language support framework is designed to enable rapid custom incorporation of narration support, text translation and video for languages that may be especially needed in some communities and school districts - including languages such as Romanian or Swahili.


Supported major core math curriculum, including: Eureka Math, Go Math, Stepping Stones, enVision, My Math, Illustrative Math, Ready Math, Carrusel de Numeros 4, and more!

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Where Dual Language Meets Math!

Combine math and language proficency data to personalize learning for ELL AND bilingual students Your district invested in cutting-edge classroom devices and the best assessment software. ClassHero for math uses both to (finally!) help teachers instantly transform assessment results into personalized daily practice, availalble in a student’s native language.

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Dual Language and Immersion Programs

Math That Speaks Every Language.

Daily Language Control

Easily and automatically switch between English and your immersion language with completely customizable language schedules.

Voiceover Narration for ELL's in DL

Voice over narration for available for ELL's in dual language programs that need a little extra help in both immersion languages.

Support for your District's K-8 Core Math Curriculum

Use your district's curriculum so students practice exactly what the teacher taught in class that day.

Leverage WIDA and District ELL Proficiency data

ClassHero takes advantage of district data and automates this process so that teachers do not have to spend the time setting individual language support for students - or updating those settings as and when student language proficiency scores change.

Aligned to your State's Standards

ClassHero is compliant to ALL state standards including: Common Core, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, NY,  Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas!

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Studies show that students learn better through culturally responsive environments. ClassHero incorporates different cultures by rewarding practice with Hero Cards that represent local superheroes, famous mathematicians, scientists, and historical figures from around the world.

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