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Feature Spotlight: HeroBadges

By December 2, 2021No Comments

Motivate and celebrate math learning in ClassHero with HeroBadges!

What are HeroBadges?

HeroBadges are cards that highlight real-life heroes like scientists and mathematicians. They’re depicted in colorful illustrations that bring them to life for your students. The facts on the HeroBadges teach students about the heights they can reach through learning! These rewards encourage students to practice math without being a distraction in the app.

How do students earn HeroBadges?

There’s only one way to earn HeroBadges: through math practice! First, the student picks which card they want to work towards. The number on each card lets you know how many practice sessions they need to complete to earn the entire HeroBadge. For example, a student can earn Marie Curie in just two practice sessions.

If a student picks Marie Curie, then each day that student completes a practice session, they will earn one out of the two puzzle pieces forming Marie Curie’s HeroBadge. When they’ve completed their two days of practice – boom! They get the Marie Curie HeroBadge!

Handing out HeroBadges

Once a student has earned a HeroBadge, you’ll be notified with an “Action Item” alert. Just go down the list and hand out your printed HeroBadges to your students!

You can print them out for free by going to the purple menu at the top-left of the ClassHero screen, clicking on HeroBadges, and then clicking “Download and Print.” However, if your school district is paying for ClassHero, we will send you our own high-quality printed cards to hand to your students!

Teachers who have used ClassHero have found that HeroBadges are a fun and engaging reward system. They’ve reported that their students enjoy both the puzzle piece rewards and how quickly they can earn them. Have you handed out HeroBadges in your classroom yet?