How it works

ClassHero enhances your textbook math curriculum by adding a whole new layer of supports for teachers & students

Your district chose your math curriculum for the balance of rigor, content and guides that your students need. But teachers face the daily challenge of making the most of these materials so they can meet the learning needs of ALL students. Too often differentiation, accessibility and real-time progress monitoring remain roadblocks to educators realizing personalized math learning in the classroom.

ClassHero is designed to add missing supports to classroom math curriculum that enhances its effectiveness.

  1. Simplifies differentiation for teachers
  2. Makes learning accessible for all students
  3. Gives educators real-time visibility of progress

To see ClassHero in action schedule a free overview and demo of the teacher and student experience.

Start with your existing core math curriculum

ClassHero generates skills-practice based on your current math curriculum, creating a dynamic replacement to paper worksheets and packets.

Assign automatically differentiated practice packets in 1 click

Assignments are created based on what’s being taught and differentiated with a single click, automatically assessing students for dependent and advanced skills.

Students receive accessible, personalized daily skills-practice & videos

The ClassHero student app delivers all assigned skills in a simple 10-15 minute practice session with built-in video instruction and supports in 30+ languages.

Make learning visible with real-time progress monitoring & daily summaries

Learning is made instantly visible for teachers, showing exactly where every student is at and notifying them when students need help or intervention.

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