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Add Language to the Equation

Your district's K-8 Core Math Curriculum narrated in 37 languages.

What's ClassHero?

The Bridge between core math curriculum and emergent multilingual students.

Emergent multilingual students deserve more than the bare minimum. ClassHero knows that accessibility is more than a box to check off and is on a mission to raise the standard by enhancing each district's K-8 Core Math Curriculum with voice over narration in 37 languages, quality checked by native speakers. 

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Support Learning in 37 Languages
Non-Robotic Voice Over Narration Quality Checked by a Native Speaker

Studies show that low English proficiency results in students struggling to learn Math and obtaining lower Math scores. Through narration, ClassHero removes Math instruction's dependency on English.

District Approved Core Curriculum

Your District's Math Curriculum + Your Teachers' Scope & Sequence

Your district chose the best math curriculum for you. ClassHero makes sure your curricular investments are maximized by personalizing your curriculum to meet the needs of all students, no matter the level, language, or tier.

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Foster a Positive Learning Community

Students Practice Math Together, No Matter Their Language

In ClassHero, K-8 students practice the district's core Math curriculum in one classroom, no matter the level or language, so Multilingual students have the same access to math as their non-ELL peers. 

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Studies show that students learn better through culturally responsive environments. ClassHero incorporates different cultures with highly engaging Hero Cards that represent local heroes, famous mathematicians, scientists, and historical figures from around the world.

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District and School Pricing

Depending on the district's or school's needs, the average cost per classroom is $450 per year.

  • Access to Teacher and Student Data and Reports
  • Ongoing Customer Support
  • COPPA and FERPA Compliant
  • All Major K-8 Math Core Curriculum's Available
  • Professional Development Available

Starts at $22/Student

What Our Teachers Say

"Classhero has supported my ESL classroom! I have non-Spanish and non-English speakers in my classroom so using ClassHero has provided us with a tool that every student can benefit from. Assigning languages and TEKs are easy, and I get immediate feedback on what they are working on. Students enjoy it and I can easily see daily summaries and live participation. My class earns points and work together to beat other classes so they get different types of motivations as they each get points too. They love the instant challenges as well!"

Karla Chapa - ESL Teacher
Karla Chapa - UE Math and Science Bilingual Teacher
Dallas, Texas

"ClassHero has made a huge impact in my classroom this year. I started using it some last year, but have implemented it in full force this year. It has replaced my traditional morning work, and instead, it allows me to assign work to my students that matches our current curriculum.  The best part is, it will automatically level each one of my students and give them exactly what they need. What a time saver! Not only is it convenient, but my students really enjoy the content on ClassHero. It also creates a healthy competition amongst our grade level for who can be the class with the most points at the end of each month. I am so glad to have found a program that my students enjoy and makes MY life as a teacher a little easier."

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Carrie Taylor - 2nd Grade Teacher
West Glades, Florida

"I wish I had discovered ClassHero sooner. It has made my life in the classroom so much easier. It is so easy to differentiate assignments. I can assign remedial skills, enrichment skills, and all skills in between. I also love that it aligns with Eureka, if I choose. Don’t hesitate to start using Class Hero to make your life easier in the classroom."

Dawn Christopher headshot
Dawn Christopher - 8th Grade Math Teacher
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania