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ClassHero for Teachers

Everything you need, all in one place.

Live & Aggregate Reports

Simple, powerful, real-time progress monitoring and daily reports for teachers, parents, principals, and math coaches.

Adaptable Practice

Automatically use your district's assessment data to differentiate learning when teachers assign skills practice.

Your Curriculum

Integrate with your current curriculum. Align practice with what's being taught. Transform static curriculum into dynamic and differentiated practice.
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ClassHero for Students

Everything kids need to love practicing math.

Hero Cards

Student practiced is rewarded with Hero Cards, custom made for each district, so kids see themselves in math.

Increase Engagement

ClassHero's data-driven features engage but never distract students in math.

Language Support

ClassHero makes math accessible with voiceover narration in 38 languages.

Get a Custom Quote

Speak with ClassHero for a custom school or district quote.