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Distance Learning with ClassHero

Distance Learning

Teacher Guide

We’ve put together a Distance Learning guide for teachers! Learn how to instruct, assign, practice and monitor student learning even from a distance!

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Distance Learning

Parent Guide

Is your child using ClassHero at home during the pandemic? Check out our Parent Guide to learn how easy ClassHero is for students, teachers and even parents.

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Teacher Training Video Series

Take our self-paced training teacher training videos and learn the ins and outs of how to get started using ClassHero in your classroom. This video series dives into not just how to use ClassHero but they why behind it. After watching, teachers will be comfortable using ClassHero for Math in a way that’s aligned to their curriculum and differentiated for their students.

Video 1: Product Overview

Learn about what ClassHero is, why it was built, and how to integrate it into your classroom!

Video 2: Teacher Dashboard

Learn everything you need to know to master your teacher dashboard in ClassHero!

Video 3: The Student App

Learn about how the ClassHero student app creates a truly customized experience for every student.

Video 4: Day 1 with ClassHero

We’ll walk you through day 1 of using ClassHero in your class and what to expect

Quick Start Videos

Get a quick overview of how ClassHero works and why teachers, students and districts love it.

Quick Start: Teachers

ClassHero is so teacher-friendly that you can get up in running in as little as 3 minutes with our quick start guide for teachers video.

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Quick Start: Schools & Districts

ClassHero was designed to automatically use district level assessment data and transform it into daily progress. Watch this 2 minute overview to learn more.

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Comprehensive Product Demo

Watch this recorded webinar as ClassHero’s head of product design walks you through every aspect of the ClassHero Teacher Dashboard and Student App