We believe in the power of amazing teachers

Our Mission

ClassHero’s mission is to give educators superpowers: x-ray vision to see personalized needs, super strength capable of lifting an entire class’s test score and digital tools that transform teachers into ClassHeroes.

We don’t see a future where technology replaces teachers in the classroom. We see a future where technology reduces disparity in the classroom, makes learning more engaging and allows teachers to be more effective than ever.

Our Product

We didn’t design ClassHero to be another math app, in fact we don’t much care for them ourselves. Math apps tend to be either all fun and games with little focus on guided personalized practice or lifeless drills that engage neither student nor teacher.

ClassHero was built alongside real teachers in real classrooms and designed it to be both effective and engaging, focusing on daily deliberate practice paired with real-world rewards that drive motivation under the guidance of a teacher.

Meet Our Team

With decades of experience in both education and designing software products we’ve assembled the dream team ready to take on math in the modern classroom.

Amey Laud

CEO, Founder

Joshua Iwata


DR. Ted Feller


Vadim Mostovoy

Head of Software

Tarun Mittal

Senior Dev

Rima Dhume

Content Manager

Dr. Golam Ashraf

Head of Intelligent Games

Suketu Pandya


Matt Chapman


John Deeder


George DeCarlo

Board Member

Cliff Green